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Diwali Diya - Qualities of Deepak


Light that is energy is very important to our life. Without it, human life has no existence. The fire symbolizes the light. Therefore, the fire, in Indian culture, is being used in different religious activities such as-Yajna, Havan, Marriage and samskaras etc. Considering the God, the fire is being worshiped. It is believed that if the God of fire becomes angry, He can turn big palaces and buildings into ashes. Therefore, through worship efforts are made to pacify him.
The first hymn in Rigveda, one of our main religious scriptures- 
प्रकाशमीले पुरोहितं यज्ञस्य देवमृत्विजम्। होतारं रत्रधातमम्।।
"Prakashmiley Purohitum Yajnasya Devamritvijain Hotaram Ratradhatman." 
Foolishness as darkness has long been a biggest enemy of human being since time immemorial. Therefore from the ancient time, light the remover of darkness has been the true friend of humans because the light gives us the power to see, which is very important to recognize the correct thing in atmosphere.
In the ancient period, the Diya, divaa, deepa, deepam, or deepak was made up of sphatic, stones or shells. In due course of time, they with the discovery of clay modelling and burning began to take shape in clay. From the ancient time; very artistic deepaks were used by rich people. There deepaks were made of precious metals, stones, gems, gold and silver. They were of various sizes-big or small.
With the passage of time light pillars came into vogue. There is a reference in Ramayana that when Hanumanji reached Lanka, seeing the golden deepaks he doubted if he was not in heaven. He saw gold deepaks there.
The reference is found in Indian scriptures that fire is related to human being from his birth till his death. Therefore Deepak is very important in fasts and festivals in our culture. Deepawali is one of our main festivals in which there is a tradition of lightening deepaks as a symbol of energy. 
It is believed that in the house —
  • If the flame of deepak is towards eastern direction-the age increases
  • If the flame of deepak is towards western direction-the melancholy increases 
  • If the flame is towards north-happiness and health increases 
  • If the flame is towards south-bring loss 
So, if you ever lighten the deepak, it should be in the east or north corner. The light of deepak removes melancholy and sin and enhances pious and happy life.



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