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Where Does Goddess Lakshmi Live and Where Does Not


Money is important to live a life in this physical world, and it is important to worship the Goddess of Wealth Laxmi with full dedication and hard labour. It is also important to know where does Goddess Laxmi live permanently. The money slips out of hand in the absence of this knowledge. Here some important remedies are told to keep Laxmiji permanently.
Where Does Laxmiji Live? 


  • One who speaks sweatly, dutiful, follower of God, obliged, keeps senses in control, generous, simpleton, religious, serves the parents, pious soul, extends pardon, gives alms, intelligent, kind, serves the guru. Laxmiji stays permanently at such places.
  • Where there live birds and animals in the house, whose wife is beautiful, there is no quarrel in the house, there Laxmiji stays permanently. 
  • One who respects grains, welcomes guest, the Goddess Laxmi surely stays there.
  • One who does not tell lies, not absorbed in his thoughts, one who is not proud. One who loves others. One who is sadden by others' problems and help them. One who feels pleasure in removing other's pain, Laxmiji stays there permanently.
  • One who takes bath everyday, wear clean cloths, does not cast dirty look at other women. Laxmiji always remain in his house and life.
  • Laxmiji lives in Amla, Gobar (dung) Shankh (conch) Kamal (Lotus) and white cloths. 
  • Where there are celebrations everyday. One who worship Shiva, lighten deepak and burn incense before the deities everyday, Laxmiji stays in his house.
  • A lady who is beautiful, having deer like eyes, slim loin, decor her hair, walk slowly and maintain decency, Laxmiji lives in her body.
  • Whose woman is beautiful and charming, who takes little food and avoid sex on festivals, Laxmiji, surely stays in his house.
  • One who takes bath at dawn, blessing of Laxmiji are always on his head.
  • One who takes bath in Gaya, Kurukshetra, Kashi Haridwar and at Sangam. He possesses Laxmiji.
  • One who offers Amla to Lord Vishnu, Laxmiji is always with him. 
  • One who has faith in god, saints and brahmin, Laxmiji stays permanently in his house.
  • One who keeps garland of lotus seeds, small coconut, southern facet conch, Parad Shivling, Shwetark Ganapati, Kuber Yantra and worship them regularly Laxmiji stays in his house for generation.
  • One who follows religion and ethics and respect the girls, Laxmiji stays in his house and live permanently.
Where Does Laxmiji Not Live? 
Laxmiji does not stay at the place where all the above remedies are not followed and respected. Laxmiji abandon such an idle person forever.

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