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Deepavali Festival Essay on Kids 400 Words


The literal meaning of Deepawali is a line of Deepaks. Deepawali is very important among all the festivals celebrated in India. The message of this festival is to move towards light from darkness. According to Hindu calendar this festival falls on Amavasya (Dark Night) of Kartik month and according to Gregorian calendar it falls between 13 October and 14 November. According to the devotees of Ram, on this day, Lord Ram after killing demon Ravana had returned to Ayodhya. This festival is celebrated to show the happiness. The devotees of Krishna believe that on this day Lord Krishna had killed Narakasur. Besides Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Boudh also celebrate this festival. To Sikhs Deepawali is very important because on this day in 1577 the base for Swarn Mandir was prepared, Besides, in 1619, on this day the sixth guru of Sikhs, Guru Hargovind Singh was released from the jail. To Nepalese, the festival of Deepawali is great, because Nepalese New Year began on this day. Social Refomer Maharishi Dayanand died on this day. During the period of Akbar, the founder of Din-e-ilahi, a big 'Aakashdeep' was hanged on 40 yards high bamboo. On this occasion,.Hindus and Muslims together used to participate.
The Deepawali festival goes on for many days, not a single day. The preparation of Deepawali begins just after Dusshera. People get new cloths stitched and clean every corner of their houses. Dhanteras falls two days before deepawali. It is considered fortunate to purchase new utensils on Dhanteras.On this day Deepaks are lighten on Tulsa and at the doorstep. Next day it is Choti Deepawali. On this day 'Yama' is worshiped. Next day falls Deepawali. On this day sweets are being prepared since morning. Kheel-Batashe, Laxmi-Ganesh are sold in the market. At various places, the cracker shops are decorated. Since morning people start exchanging sweets and gifts with their friends and relatives. After pooja, people put deepaks at the outskirt of their houses. On the second day of Deepawali, the businessmen change their accounts. They worship Laxmiji at their establishments. They believe that by doing so the Goddess of wealth Laxmiji would bless them. Next to Deepawali comes Goverdhan. On this day people decor their cows and oxen and worship a mound of Gobar (dung). Next day, it is Bhaiya Dooj, Deepawali festival is being celebrated from generations. This festival spreads the message of love, fraternity and enthusiasm.

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