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Osho Quotes - Famous Quotes from Osho


“Only those who are ready to become nobodies are able to love.”
When you have found some joy that remains - circumstances change but it abides - then you are certainly coming closer to Buddhahood
I will be there, and if you meditate rightly whenever your meditation is exactly tuned, you will see me.
To be aware of the physical body is not much awareness; to be aware of the nonphysical being is real awareness.
The action that comes out of fear cannot be anything other than fear.
Accept the suffering and pass through it; don't escape.
When you watch suffering suddenly you are not the sufferer, and you start enjoying.
Life is such a mystery, no one can understand it, and one who claims that he understands it is simply ignorant.
You are initiated, not by me but the energy itself. Eat me as much as you can, let me become part of you.
When there is no mind, there is no sinner and no saint, and the gift simply showers on you.
The mind is heaven, the mind is hell, and the mind has the capacity to become either.
Remember, if you think God is somewhere outside you, you have not even taken the first step towards being religious.
When you are not occupied, you cannot be unconscious; when you are unoccupied your whole energy becomes consciousness.
Heaven and hell are not geographical, they are psychological, they are your psychology.
Pain is going to be there but pain gives maturity; suffering is going to be there but you can transcend it if you understand.
In unity is religion, in disunity religion is lost.
If you are against, you will become rigid, hard, and the harder you become the more dead you will be.
Love "this" and love it so deeply that your love transcends "this" and reaches "that."
The first thing to be understood is that complex things can be understood, simple things cannot
For awareness everything is constantly new. Nothing is old, nothing can be old.
Everything is being created every moment -- it is a continuous flow of creativity.
Awareness never carries memory as a burden.
If you look at the world and feel everything is old, it shows you are not meditative.
With a mind burdened by memory life cannot be a celebration.
Whether you play an instrument or not is not the point, the music is flowing.
When your mind is fresh the whole existence becomes a melody
A master is a mother, he is not a father.
You can know the surface through the mind, you can never know the center.
Feeling is a higher understanding love is a higher knowing.
If you try to understand through the intellect it is possible you may misunderstand, but understanding is not possible - that much is certain.
If you feel a deep urge to come closer to me there is no way now to escape.
To be close to a master is death, your ego will have to go.
Die and be reborn, lose yourself and find.
Fear comes from the mind, love comes from your heart; listen to the heart.
If you go to a man of wisdom he has no answers for you; he has nothing ready-made.
Remember, meditation can never be result-oriented; you simply meditate, that's all.
If you miss life, you miss God.
I am just being here with you; the answer is just an excuse, the question is just an excuse to be near and closer.
That gap is my answer.
Communion means I am not a mind, you are not a mind - just your heart melting into my heart, no words.
The only miracle, the impossible miracle, is to be just ordinary.
Powerlessness, helplessness, to be nothing, is spiritual; power is never spiritual.
This has to be understood very deeply -- the more you fight, the more you will be there.
Jogging is meditation, it is a jogging; you are jumping on the same ground and the mind is accustomed to jump ahead.
If you meditate long enough, deep enough, it is impossible for you to hurt anybody for food; it is impossible.
Character is secondary, behavior is secondary, the essential you is the primary thing.
There are a few things which cannot be done by anybody else for you, on your behalf, and those are the most precious things which only you can do.
Awareness is one of those most precious things. Let your ears..your eyes..your hands be aware, When awareness joins with your ears then listening happens, When awareness joins with your eyes then seeing happens, When awareness joins with your hands then touching happens
Sannyas means entering into a new world, the world of the world is nothing but an ego trip. Sannyas is falling out of those trips, dropping out of those trips and, rather than looking outwards, turning in. That is the only way to know who you really are.
Millions of people are suffering: they want to be loved but they don't know how to love. And love cannot exist as a monologue; it is a dialogue, a very harmonious dialogue.
To be alone in the only real revolution. To accept that you are alone is the greatest transformation that can happen to you.

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