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Holi Essay- Short Essay on Holi Festival in English-380 Words

Holi is an ancient festival of colors which was originally known as “Holika”. It is a festival of colors, fun, happiness and frolic. Holi is said to be the festival of the Hindus. It comes in the month of March and is celebrated with great enthusiasm ignoring the scintillating heat. There are many stories behind the celebration of Holi. The most commonly heard is about Prahlada who was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, a bitter enemy of the Asuras (demons). So Hiranya Kasipu, father of Prahlada asks Holika, sister of Prahlada to burn the boy alive. In the attempt Holika is burnt because Prahlada was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. One night before the Holi, a bonfire is arranged at the crossroads of the city lanes and sub-lanes which symbolises the burning of Holika. The bonfire is the symbol of Holika’s death. 
Some other people associate this festival of colors with the Rasalila of Lord Krishna with the Gopikas. Well, whatever may be the story behind this festival, the bonfire symbolizes the burning of evil for the sake of good. This day is full of fun and frolic with the splendour and ecstasy of colors. From children to the adults, everyone seems to be enjoying the sparkling colors, warmth of the family, friends and even the enemies. Differences are forgotten and enmity doesn’t find a place. Old people also are not able to stop themselves from joining the fun filled with colors and happiness. They use Abir and Gulal to express their way of enjoying Holi. 
Some people make this day unpleasant by unhealthy practices like drinking and creating nuisance all over in the society.  The schedule of this festival is very interesting. People play with colors, buckets of water are sprinkled, children splash balloons filled with water and they play till they are fully drenched in color. The mirth gets over till noon and people after having rich meal of special dishes go to meet their friends and family to share more happiness. Bonfires are set up in the evening at some places to dance, sing and enjoy. This festival is not only of colors but also of unity and friendship. Everything is forgotten on this day and everybody joins the fun without any fail. 

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