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How to Make Rangoli - Rangoli Designs and Patterns

Decorate the Rangoli
Rangoli is a traditional art, that symbolises happiness Dedicated to enormous wealth and destiny, rangoli is known by different names in different regions, such as alpana in Bengal, rangoli in Maharashtra and Kolam in South. With different names the aims of its decoration are also different. In Bengal and South it is considered to be auspecious to decorate rangoli at the facade. At some places through rangoli the god of rain Indra is called upon. The floor of the house is being decorated.

The various forms of rangoli are made during marriage celebrations, festivals, worship and at the birth of a child, with great enthusiasn. On the occasion of reaping the harvest, the grains are worshiped, and rangoli is decorated in the house. Women, with great enthusiasm, pepare rangoli with the help of ground rice and lime powder. Floors and steps at door are being applied with cow-dung. Where on the one hand there are simple forms of rangoli, on the other hand, new designs with big dots, circle, triangle and wavering lines are also made. Geomatric designs show formal occasion. Different designs are meant for different occasions. On the occasion of festivals and worship Om, Swastik Mantras and devine images are formed. New designs create happiness all around.
How to Make Rangoli
It is very easy to make rangoli. To make it, material such as Holi colors (Gulal), liquid colors, dust(plain or coloured) pearls, saboodana (white or colored), various pulses, flower leaves, petals, construction material, rice powder, grains, even material used for salad, can be used to make rangoli of favourite shape and size.

At first choose design and colour and draw them on paper. Wash the space properly, where rangoli is to be drawn. After the place is dried up prepare outlines. Fill the design with dry or wet colours or with coloured dust. If you are using dry colours, spread them with the help of thumb and index finger. Do not use flower petals and dry colours in the same rangoli. Decorate the rangoli with flower pots and deepaks around it.

During festival it suddenly comes out of the mouth, ‘Rangoli sajao re... Rangoli sajao’ (Decorate the rangoli )  
Rangoli Designs and Patterns


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