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History of Diwali Festival


Once the Lord Vishnu, alongwith the mother goddess Laxmi came to visit on earth. After some time the Lord Vishnu said to Laxmiji, ''I am going towards south. You stay here.'' But laxmiji also followed Him. After a short while they found a sugarcane farm. Laxmiji took one stick of sugarcane and started chewing it. On his return the Lord Vishnu found her chewing the sugarcane. He became angry and cursed her with twelve years stay in the house of the farmer, whose farm that was.

The Lord Vishnu returned to 'Ksheer Sagar' and Laxmiji, staying at farmers house filled him with riches. The farmer did not know that Laxmiji was staying in his house. After twelve years, Laxmi got ready to return to the Lord Vishnu but the farmer did not let her go. At this the Lord Vishnu said to the farmer that he, alongwith his family must go to Ganga Snan and leave those cauries into Ganga He would stay there till their return.
Soon as the cauries were put into the Gangaji, four arms emerged to take them. The farmer asked the Gangaji, whose arms were those. The Gangaji replied the farmer, “these four armes are mine. The cauries you have presented were given to you by whom?” The farmer said that a man and a woman came to our house. Then the Gangaji said, “they are Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnuji. You do not let Laxmiji go.” 
On returning home the farmer did not let Laxmiji go. Then the Lord Vishnu said, “Laxmiji is naughty. Nobody can stop her.” Laxmiji said, “If you want to stop me. It is Dhanteras tomorrow. Wash your house, keep the deepak illuminated the whole night. I shall come to your house. When you worship me, I shall be invisible.” The farmer worshiped the Laxmiji. His house was filled with enormous wealth. The farmer started worshiping Laxmiji every year. Along with, others also started worshiping Laxmiji.

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